June 30, 2009

June 30, 2009 Episode of The Glenn Beck Program

By kristen

I was surprised that Beck basically ignored one of the largest of the day. He made just one remark about winning the against to give the Democrats the magic 60, filibuster-proof majority. This means that the Democrats have full control of almost all aspects of the government. Even if there are some Democrats who are moderate and will not always vote along party lines, it is still a huge psychological victory for the Democrats. We definitely need some somewhere, anywhere, in the government. I say we vote them ALL out and vote in some people who make sense.

Beck’s first topic was about plans in California to issue IOUs. He said the government continues to expand services even though it is far in debt, and that entitlement programs are becoming “too big to fail.” He also talked about the (the Fed) flooding the market with money, even though nobody has the power to audit any of it, giving the Fed even more control. I think these issues are things most Americans can agree with.

But then Beck started talking about the fact that took only 2 weeks to respond to the Honduran coup, but doesn’t want to take a side in Iran because that would be “meddling.” He also continued to compare to because he is taking the same side on the Honduran coup. I think he’s stretching it on this point.

Beside the fact that many countries are on the same side as on the issue (not just the dictatorial ones), President was Democratically elected, but was exiled because he supported a referendum that would allow him to run again. This would violate his term limit, and they say would be treasonous. The problem is that he was arrested and exiled before the vote even happened, so I don’t see how that is treason. Even if he’s a bad guy in other respects, I don’t see how any government would side with the coup, since the guy was elected by the people.

Ben Stein (former , author and actor) was the first guest. Beck asked him if he had ever known another time when the news didn’t “make sense.” He said that it was under Carter. He said the Carter administration, like the administration, also had a fundamental distrust of the people, and of capitalism.

Stein and Beck also discussed the fact that the SEC will soon have more power, even though they are the ones who turned a blind eye to Bernie Madoff. They listed three SEC employees (Simona Suh, Meaghan Cheung, and Doria Bachenheimer) who were all warned multiple times about Madoff and did nothing. When Harry Markopolos warned them about Madoff in 1999, they not only did absolutely nothing about it, but they were also very arrogant and rude to him. So why in the hell would we want to give these clowns more power? This truly does not make sense.

Stein mentioned a final interesting fact about the Cap and Trade Bill and California. He said that they are planning on lowering pollution in California even more (we already lead the nation on energy standards), even though we can’t afford it, and are already broke. One problem is that they are not even considering the fact that around 1 million tons of pollution blows into the state from China.

Dr. Alan Carlin, senior operations research analyst at the EPA was the next guest. Before showing his findings, he said that he speaks for himself in the report, not for the EPA. He supposedly put out a report that was ’surpressed’ by the government showing current CO2 and global temperatures.

The chart shows that the actual temperatures are going down while projections still show that the temperatures are going way up. Even the official government projections showing what would happen if we started cutting out emissions right now showed higher than the actual current temperatures.

Beck took the chart as “proof” that the Earth will continue to cool, and that warming or cooling is in no way caused by CO2 emissions. The real truth is that we just don’t know. There are so many variables, and the Earth is so huge. Who knows what’s really happening? It’s simply impossible for anyone to predict everything that is going to happen in nature. I think the common sense thing to do is conserve and keep our environment as clean as possible so we have a nice place to live. The stupid “Cap and Tax” schemes, however, are not the way to do it, and really just a way for politicians to get more money and power.

Jim DeMint (author of Saving Freedom and South Carolina Senator) was the next guest. DeMint protests the last minute amendments added to the Cap and Trade Bill. He believes that the real battle in Congress is for freedom and against . He said that if the Cap and Trade Bill passes in the Senate, about half the country will be under government control.

The next guest was Michael Scheuer (former CIA counter-terrorism analyst and Marching Toward Hell author). They talked about how the most in world is U.S. – Mexican border, and is sending 1,500 unarmed National Guard volunteers. Scheuer said that a sovereign country has the right to control its borders (for security not racism).

Then he made a scary claim that nobody in our government cares about our safety, only about their own power. One of his examples was that blamed the violence on the border on US, and tried to push the idea that will fix the problem. He said that minorities are rightly protected by the constitution, but now minorities are the ones in power, and the majority is being neglected, and is not being protected. He then made another scary statement, saying that the government won’t ever see error of its ways unless there is another attack by . He says the government prizes the praise of the media and power more than our safety.

I believe that Scheuer really believes in what he is saying, but I don’t totally agree with it. I think some politicians may be this way, but not all of them. I think they really do care about our safety, because they also care about their own safety. I just think they are ambivalent, and like most people, don’t think anything horrible will actually happen. When it does, they will be surprised, then forget about it again in several years, and so on.

Brad Thor (author of The Apostle and The Last Patriot) was the final guest. They talked about the US troops coming home from Iraq, but that we also have the largest and most expensive embassy in world in Iraq. It takes $1 billion to operate it each year, which means we are either never actually leaving, or we simply thought we would never leave, and the embassy will become mostly useless.

Thor also went to Afghanistan and shadowed the black ops team that saved a New York Times reporter when he was with them. He says that the culture has to change enough in Afghanistan for them to come to hate Al Qaeda, but said that we can’t give them an American-style Democracy, because that is not what they want. He is definitely a cool guy.

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